Our 2021 Vegan Christmas Menu

Here’s our 2021 vegan Christmas menu for five! You’ll find our Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas brunch and Christmas dinner menus, plus the snacks, desserts and drinks we’ll enjoy over the holidays. I’m also including a simple New Year’s Eve menu as we’ll likely be spending it just the two of us at home, cooking a delicious meal.

icing poured on cinnamon roll

Another year, another Christmas menu. This year, we’ll be spending Christmas in our home with a few family members that live on the West Coast. Again this year, we won’t be seeing our family in New Brunswick for the holidays, but we’ll spend the day doing video calls, cooking and enjoying time with part of our family.

Similarly to last year, I decided to include a few familiar dishes, such as potatoes, gravy and roasted vegetables with the addition of a few new recipes (mostly for desserts). I love having a combination of familiar and comforting dishes, along with new and exciting recipes. Tip: If you’re trying new recipes for the holidays, test them in advance to make sure you like them.

That being said, here’s our vegan holiday menu this year…

Christmas Eve Dinner:

I’m keeping it simple for our Christmas Eve menu and making my cozy vegan Shepherd’s Pie with a chocolate torte for dessert. I won’t be making sides and appetizers for this meal as I find that the Shepherd’s Pie is filling enough on its own.

Christmas Brunch:

Our Christmas morning brunch is similar to the one we made last year. I’m making my cinnamon rolls, which will be prepared the day before and ready to bake in the morning. With that, I’m making our favorite store-bought vegan “bacon” and tofu scramble.

Christmas Dinner:

Like last year, I’m keeping a few familiar favorites, including mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, stuffing and gravy. I’ll be serving these with my favorite vegan sausages from Gusta for an easy protein source this year. I’m also making the mashed potatoes in the Instant Pot to save space on the stove-top.

2021 vegan Christmas menu - vegan Shepherd's Pie closeup
2021 vegan Christmas menu - mashed potatoes

New Year’s Eve Dinner:

Shaun and I will likely be spending New Year’s Eve alone again this year and as usual, we’ll keep it simple. We’ll make a nice dinner together, then watch a late movie to welcome the New Year. The scalloped potatoes recipe is one of my favorites from the Oh She Glows for Dinner cookbook and the kale salad is one that I make on a monthly basis. I’ll be serving them together with a new dessert recipe I’ve been meaning to try from one of my cookbooks.

  • Ultimate Creamy Salt-and-Vinegar Scalloped Potatoes (Oh She Glows for Dinner, p.147)
  • The Best Shredded Kale Salad (Oh She Glows Every Day, p. 117)
  • German Chocolate Cake (Love Real Food, p. 212)

Holiday Snacks and Treats:

Here are the festive snacks, desserts and beverages I’ll be making over the next 2-3 weeks. I’ll be making a variety of festive energy bites/truffles to keep in the freezer for snacks, then fresh cookies for the Christmas weekend.

2021 vegan Christmas menu - mint chocolate smoothie
2021 vegan Christmas menu - gingerbread cookies
2021 vegan Christmas menu - eggnog latte

If you’re looking for more Christmas menu inspiration, you can find my 2020 Christmas menu for two here.

Happy Holidays!

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