Chocolate Covered Apples – Our Wedding Favors

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Simple chocolate covered apples, made in a few easy steps. Cover them in your favorite chocolate and top them with nuts, candy or a chocolate drizzle. The possibilities are endless!

Chocolate Covered Apples

I’m getting married in 1 week tomorrow. I can’t believe the day is almost here. The day we’ve been planning for over 2 years.

The wedding being a week away, we’re getting all of the last minute details finalized. We’re finishing the seating charts, the timeline, the décor… Most importantly, we’re starting to prepare the food for the reception.

I mentioned it before, but we’re a little crazy and decided to cater our own wedding. No, we’re not cooking a 3 course meal, but we are preparing an elaborate snack bar. Don’t worry, I’ll share all of that later, but today, I’m sharing something different: Our wedding favours.

As we’re having a fall wedding, it felt perfect to make chocolate apples for our guests. A crazy task maybe, but a fun one (or at least for me). I love treats, especially ones that include chocolate and fruit. This seemed like the perfect treat to share with everyone.

If you’re reading this and you’re attending the wedding next week, I ruined the surprise a little, but I hope you’ll like it!

Apples from the top
chocolate in a saucepan

How to Make Chocolate Covered Apples:

All you need is a double boiler, apples, chocolate and a baking sheet for easy clean up.

Yes, it does take a bit of time, but the steps are simple and you can’t really go wrong. Plus, if the decor ends up being a bit messy looking, they’ll still taste delicious! The chocolate I used for this particular photoshoot wasn’t the best for melting, but it turned out messy and beautiful. For the final apples, I’m using molding chocolate, which is best for this job.

Chocolate covered apples are also easy to customize to your liking. Use white, milk or dark chocolate (or a mix). I would avoid unsweetened chocolate here. Add candy or nuts. The possibilities are endless! Here are a few ideas:

  • Dark chocolate with a white chocolate drizzle
  • Milk chocolate with a dark or white chocolate drizzle
  • White chocolate with milk or dark chocolate drizzle
  • White chocolate with a white chocolate drizzle and silver candy or sprinkles
  • Add crushed nuts (we’re not using any due to allergies)
  • Add crushed candy, such as M&M’s

We went for milk chocolate with a white chocolate drizzle (It seemed appropriate for a wedding). I also added a few silver candy beads for a fancy touch.

And that’s it! Make them for a wedding/party favor or make them at home for a fun weekend project. You can never go wrong with chocolate covered apples.

apples with stick
apple being dipped in chocolate
apple dipped in chocolate
Chocolate Covered Apples  from the top
Chocolate Covered Apples from the side

Chocolate Covered Apples

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